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Apply For The Peer Leadership Academy

Dr Chitra Acharya, a Patient Leader at NHS Nottingham City CCG, talks about the important contribution that people with lived experience can make in helping to co-produce NHS services.

Acharya says that she is able to use her own lived experience as a carer to explain the difference that Personalised Care can make. Herself and other Patient Leaders are now the go-to group for any work involved that needs the perspective of people who use health and social care services.

Her son is getting good quality support because of his Personal Budget which allows him to enjoy himself whilst getting the best possible care and support that he needs.

She has completed the Peer Leadership Academy, which is run jointly by NHS England and People Hub. They were required to participate for six days over three months, which was a big commitment for her. However, this was not just another training programme; it is a personal development programme.

The programme aims to build people’s knowledge, skills and confidence so they can play an active role in the personalised care programmes and co-production on a national and regional level.

To find out more information regarding the programme and details on how to apply, click here.

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