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Blog post from Phab Nottingham

“For Phab Nottingham’s first ever virtual event we had the amazing Electric Umbrella host a workshop for us over Zoom!

During our virtual workshop, we learnt some new Electric Umbrella songs and sung to some popular classics such as Dancing Queen by ABBA and Hello by Adele! We also got to learn some new dance moves, such as the crab, and danced our hearts away to songs such as the Time Warp and Dance Monkey. The day also involved us using household objects to make music and perform with instruments we had at home!

Whilst this was all happening, we also got to play some virtual games which involved some staring competitions and stop the clock! There were also musical themed games such as a quiz and snakes and ladders along with some arts and crafts!

At the end of the day, we got to showcase what we had learnt with a performance to parents and carers!

It was such a fun action-filled day! We hope everyone enjoyed the day and hope to see lots of you on our next virtual event!”







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