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Coronavirus: Dear Prime Minister, Think About Education Inequality and Years 10 and 12

The SNJ have published an article containing a letter written by a Year 10 student asking PM Boris Johnson to consider the impact of school’s partial shutdown on Years 10 and 12, SEND children and young people, and the variation in education quality and home-learning environments. If these factors are not considered, the education of certain students may be more detrimental.

Read the article, which contains the letter, here

I believe this paragraph is quite poignant- “…not all home are equals. In my school, which is a large mainstream secondary school in an affluent area, we have pupils from many different backgrounds. Some are on lockdown in million pound houses with all the latest gadgets to access their school work on and others are just about scraping by with food vouchers to replace free school meals and sharing a mobile phone and data allowance with their siblings and parents in order to try to access their school work.”

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