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Coronavirus: FAQs on Schools and Special Education Needs and/or Disabilities

Independent Provider of Special Education Advice (IPSEA) have written a webpage answering some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding SEND provisions, schools and social care during the pandemic, and this page has been recently updated.

Read IPSEA’s updated FAQs page here

Find the UK government’s guidance on schools for parents and carers here

Please note that those that are clinically vulnerable are advised to follow their specific medical advice regarding attending school, and those that are clinically extremely vulnerable, so shielding, are advised to not attend school. People with symptoms or people living with people with symptoms should self-isolate, so not attend school. For 1st May to 30th June, there will be no criminal penalty for parents that do not send their children to school as stated in the 2020 Coronavirus Act.

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