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Coronavirus: Self Help Resources for Families

A CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) SPA Specialist from Nottingham City Council has signposted us to many self help resources for families regarding the pandemic, and we wish to share them with you. The resources include 7 infographics regarding advice for parents during the pandemic from the World Health Organisation (WHO). Also, there is a booklet entitled ‘Advice for Parents, Carers and People that Work with Children and Young People’ (CYP) from the Universities of Oxford and Reading which regards habits, worries, communication during the pandemic and signposts to resources for CYP with specific needs at the end. Please find these resources below.

WHO’s COVID-19 Parenting Tip 1- One-on-One Time

WHO’s COVID-19 Parenting Tip 2- Keeping It Positive

WHO’s COVID-19 Parenting Tip 3- Structure Up

WHO’s COVID-19 Parenting Tip 4- Bad Behaviour

WHO’s COVID-19 Parenting Tip 5- Keep Calm and Manage Stress

WHO’s COVID-19 Parenting Tip 6- Talking About COVID-19

WHO’s Advice for Helping Children to Cope with Stress during the Pandemic

Universities of Oxford and Reading’s ‘Advice for Parents and Carers and People that Work with CYP’

The specialist advised that if families need further help during the pandemic, feel free to:

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