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See below Farmeco News Letter , most information is on Instagram see  Farmeco Today    Facebook  see
The second podcast is the one aimed at Primary class but can be adapted?   Farmeco Today Episode 2 Podcast with David Rose see  Listen to the Podcast  I would love feedback so I can provide better information . I have set a few questions for the children , please get back to me with any of the children questions and ill answer them in the next podcast.
Other Education material for everyone! Wonderful resource for food farming and the countryside!…/education/…/linking…/resources



Keep Up to Date with all Farmeco News & Updates – COVID-19 Update

It’s been over three weeks since we temporarily closed Farmeco’s gates with a heavy heart.  We hope you are well, keeping safe, and finding some positivity at this challenging time.  We’ve had some lovely, supportive messages from you and we are looking forward to the time we’ll be able to welcome you back.
Thank You to our Frontline Heroes

We’ve been giving thought to ways in which Farmeco could acknowledge the amazing contributions made and challenges faced by frontline staff, volunteers and anyone facing adversity in these difficult times. We would appreciate your feedback on Options 1-3 or a combination.

Option 1 – The dedication of a tree within Farmeco’s edible woodland to acknowledge the work of a frontline person or group of people, serving others in healthcare, food services, pharmacy or refuse collection for example.
It could recognise a particular challenge that an individual adult or child has faced, or mark the passing of a loved one. Recipients would be welcome to visit the tree at times when Farmeco is open and join in with and enjoy the harvest of its produce.

Option 2 –Farm activity days, post-lockdown, as a ‘thank you’ to members of a team or individuals that have made a difference in helping others or coping with personal challenges.

Option 3 – An open day later in the year to acknowledge and give thanks to our Frontline Heroes. This would provide an opportunity to visit the woodland and individual trees, reflect on the crisis and acknowledge the value of the outdoors and nature in the recovery and healing process.

Please let us know your thoughts/preferences on the three options by posting on Facebook, e mail or texting a message to 07866 803798.

Lambing Live
Thankfully animals are great levellers, requiring care and attention whatever the circumstances around them. In many respects lambing has been a blessing, be it a full-on distraction for the team. Though an exhausting time, the weather has been kind and for the moment at least there’s plenty of grass giving the ewes and lambs a good start.

The above image one of our new pedigree Shropshire ewes 
We hope many of you have enjoyed following Lambing Live on Facebook. Most of our flock has now given birth and we have around 140 or so bouncing, strong, healthy lambs to keep an eye on alongside their Mums.

Follow how the lambs and ewes are doing on our social media and youtube
Agro-forestry in bloom
Kev and Annie have recently finished off the apple tree pruning and sent these cheerful images of clear blue skies and striking pink blossom. Kristina is Setting up a data system that will help monitor the development and productivity of each tree.
This will help us to focus our work maintaining the health of our trees. we will also be able to trace each bottle of juice, cider vinegar or apple we sell back to the tree they came from. We’ve even started to name each tree – Jam (an Egremont Russet) is our first one named by one of our young volunteer helpers back in February.
Community Food Boxes
There has been a great response to Caffe Velo Verde’s community foodbox deliveries to villages within a two mile radius of Screveton. Bill and Vini are supplying 20-30 each week. The boxes include a diverse range of quality produce, including milk, bread and eggs with the option of meat fortnightly if required. To order, call 07523 654062 before 8pm on Tuesdays.
Food, Farming & Trees. A Competition for young people.
It has been an incredible year having to engage with young people over what they think of Food, Farming and Trees. We had some very interesting drawings, poems and life stories about what young people thought from the UK as well as Kenya, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The results of the winners will be announced soon.
Having various young people interested in engaging in this competition, we shall be launching the 2019-20 competition by the end of November. If you would like to be involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Enquire About The Competition
We will recover together
Getting through this pandemic will just be one part of the challenge, recovering will be more difficult, but we hope that you will consider Farmeco a valuable part of that recovery. Somewhere you value when the time is right to re-connect with the wider outdoors, a welcome haven for fresh air, exercise, new skills and knowledge and quiet contemplation.
We will be back in your lives, inspired and motivated to re-connect with you all once again.


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