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Five Key Rights for Disabled Children, Young People & Families.

Steve Broach recently posted five key rights for disabled children, young people and families. The source of all these rights (and many more) is clearly set out in the Legal Handbook.

Key Right 1: Every disabled child is entitled to a social care assessment because every disabled child is a child ‘in need’.

Key Right 2: Every parent carer of a disabled child is entitled to a ‘parent carers needs assessment’ from children’s services on request, to consider the impact on them of their caring role.

Key Right 3: Any disabled child of compulsory school age who cannot reasonably be expected to walk to school is entitled to free, suitable home to school travel arrangements, regardless of the distance they live from their school.

Key Right 4: Any child or young person with SEN who may need provision to be made in accordance with an EHC plan is entitled to an EHC needs assessment. That’s the only legal test.

Key Right 5: Once an EHC plan is maintained for a child or young person, the local authority must secure the educational provision and the CCG must arrange the health provision. These are ‘no excuses’ (non resource dependent) duties.

You can find all these tweets on Steve Broach’s Twitter Account, through the link below.

Steve Broach Twitter Account

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