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Give Your Views (Proposed Cuts to DCATCH)

Nottinghamshire County Council has a budget gap of £54 million and is looking at places where it can make savings. Unfortunately, these do include looking at services for children with SEND.

One service it is looking at is ‘Disabled Children’s Access to Child Care’ (DCATCH).

Funding was given to support parents of disabled children, who wanted to work or attend vocational training courses and had children with complex health care needs, that meant they were unable to access the usual childcare.

Families who were supported through the project paid towards the cost of childcare at the local rate and then costs over and above those were covered by DCATCH funding.

Nottinghamshire County Council are now consulting on 3 proposals and all parents of children with SEND are being encouraged to respond.

You can give your views by completing an online 5 minute survey. You can find this survey by clicking the link attached below.


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