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Help For Parents

For parents and carers supporting a young person with mental health problems.

Parents and carers say they want access to reliable information about their young person’s mental health condition.

This project has been developed by the Association for Young People’s Health (AYPH) and comes out of research with parents and carers.

The parents of adolescents are the most unsupported of all groups of parents, and those who have teenagers with mental health problems are particularly isolated. Yet parents could be a big part of the solution as far as successful outcomes for young people are concerned.

Over the last few years, Help For Parents has been funded by the Sir Halley Stewart Trust, the Balcombe Family Trust and NHS England to do a various pieces of work to help them understand what might help parents to help their young people. This has included an online survey, focus groups with parents and young people, and meetings with people running projects for parents.

Their work has shown that parents play a key role in supporting their children through both crisis and recovery, but that they struggle to find the resources they need to do this. Their website was designed to help, and they are continuing to work with service providers to test new models of working with parents and their young people, in ways that support everyone’s rights, confidentiality, and long term health.

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