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Mosaic Entertainment Group – The Monty Hind Youth Centre – Live Music Show

Mosaic Entertainment Group in partnership with Notts Clubs For Young People are looking to break down barriers within the live music industry. Mosaic Entertainment Group  are going to be putting on a live music show on the 29th of February at The Monty Hind Youth Centre to bring the thrill of live music to as many people as possible. The show will be featuring acoustic artists from the Nottingham music scene starting from 6pm and finishing at 9pm.

The show will be tailored to be autism and learning disabilities friendly by having the shows in an accessible and safe venue. All the shows will be intimate with only a maximum number of 60 people per show. The shows will have seating provided for everyone attending the show and a program will be given to every concertgoer that attends a show detailing what’s happening during the show. Ear plugs will be provided to everyone that attends the show. The sound and lighting will be monitored throughout the show. There will be no strobe lighting or lights shining directly from the stage into the audience. Concertgoers are free to move around the venue as freely as they like.

Live music can provide amazing joy for everyone in attendance. It has an electric connection that allows people to have big smiles on their faces, dancing for joy in the crowd and on stage. These are just a few of the reasons why we want to promote the grassroot music scene of Nottingham and allow all communities together to have the opportunity to enjoy the thrills of a live music show. Mosaic Entertainment Group are looking forward to putting on a fantastic night of live entertainment in an accessible venue in Nottingham.

Tickets are priced at £5 directly from the venue or by contacting Jamie Walton directly via

The Monty Hind Youth Centre
Tel: 0115 9705405

If you would like any more information about the show please contact:
Jamie Walton
Mosaic Entertainment Group
Tel: 07837811032






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