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The Institute of Mental Health are looking for families in England who have a child or young person (aged between 9 and 17) with tics to take part in their study. Both the child/young person who experiences tics and one parent/carer need to take part.

If you register to take part there will be three stages of assessment to make sure your family is eligible to take part in the study:

  • Stage 1 – 30-40 minute telephone call with a member of the ORBIT research team to find out more about your child or young person’s tics, and to assess your family’s eligibility.
  • Stage 2 – Face to face screening appointment at either the Queen’s Medical Centre (Nottingham) or Great Ormond Street Hospital (London). Travel expenses will be paid.
  • Stage 3 – Prior to the face to face screening, a development and wellbeing assessment questionnaire will need to be completed.

After screening, if you agree to take part in the study you will be placed in one of two treatment groups. Both groups will receive a tic intervention delivered over the internet, however, the content of the two interventions differs slightly. They want to see which treatment is best at helping reduce tics. Regardless of which group you are in the ORBIT treatment will last for 10-weeks.

During the 10-weeks a therapist will provide support via messages through the online intervention website or telephone you to provide help with the chapters if you need it. The therapist will respond to your questions about the ORBIT intervention only, he/she will not replace your usual care from your GP/CAMHS. The researchers will explain all of this in more detail before you consent to joining the study.

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