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Peer Leadership Academy (Summer 2019)

The Peer Leadership Academy is a personal development programme that aims to build people’s knowledge, skills and confidence so they can play an active role in the personalised care programmes at a national and regional level. It is being delivered by Peoplehub CIC in collaboration with the NHS England Personalised Care Group. The purpose is to: 

  • Increase the capacity of the national personalised care co-production group. This is a group of people with lived experience of personalised approaches to their health and well-being who support the national personalised care programme.
  • Help drive demand for and take up of personalised care, especially personal health budgets.
  • Enable people to work alongside the personalised care programme and effect change at a national level

The Personalised Care Group is inviting applications from people with lived experience of personalised approaches to health and social care to participate in a personal development programme.

You can read more info by clicking here.

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