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Revised Nottinghamshire Carers Hub and Young Carers Support Offers

Please find details below of the revised Nottinghamshire Carers Hub and Young Carers support offers in response to supporting carers during the current Coronavirus crisis.

The Carers Trust have produced revised information sheets for the Hub service and the Young Carers service promoting virtual carer support groups and ‘drop-ins’, and an Information and Support Networks document – copies are attached (see below)

The main highlights of the revised Carers Hub offer are summarised below:

·       Virtual Face-to-Face Drop In’sVirtual Drop In’s for Carers. Multiple online forums to suit carers at a day and time     that they choose
·       Virtual Face-to-Face  Support groupsA chance to meet other Carers online and share experiences, guest speakers, peer support
·       Welfare ChecksRegular contact and support for more vulnerable carers
·       Telephone SupportListening and emotional support, coping mechanisms during stressful times
·       Online Mindfulness CoursesA variety of online videos for Carers to practice Mindfulness and wellbeing coping mechanisms
·       Assistance to Collect Essential ItemsSupport to access services that can help those that cannot get out to collect shopping and prescriptions

The key points of the revised offer for Young Carers are:

Information, Advice                    Information, advice and guidance and signposting to specialist              and Guidance                                  organisations, advice on getting extra suppor                   

  • Virtual 1-2-1 Support                  Face to face, listening and emotional support using a range of online options

& Telephone Support                 as well as telephone contact

  • Weekly bulletin                           With Facebook updates, useful links, details of upcoming weekly online support groups
  • Virtual Young Carer                    A weekly chance to meet up online with other young carers

Support Groups

  • Online Question &                     A Facebook stream and saved videos with guest speakers to offer answers to

Answer Sessions                       questions surrounding different subjects

  • Assistance to Collect                Support to access services that can help those who cannot get out to collect

Essential Items                          shopping and prescriptions

The Government has released official guidance specifically for those who provide unpaid care to friends or family as part of their response to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. One of the main points it highlights is for carers to consider creating an emergency plan with the person they care for to use in circumstances where help from other people to deliver care may be needed. Colleagues at the Carers Hub will be sharing a template with their registered carers (attached) for creating a plan and can support carers to think about/complete this.

To sign up to Nottinghamshire County Council click here.

Nottinghamshire Coronavirus Community Hub


Hub Virtual Support Group Poster

Carer Hub Covid-19 Info and Community Support

Hub Virtual Drop-in Poster

Young Carers Service April 2020.docx

Carers Emergency Plan template V1 – Word

 Carers Hub County Fact Sheet April 20 – COVID19

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