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Speak your truth!

Speak your truth on MORE plans to transform children’s mental health care

Mental Health is one of the most challenging areas of the NHS, especially when it comes to providing effective, compassionate help for our children. In December 2017, the government launched a consultation on its plans for “Transforming Children’s and Young Peoples Mental Health”. It was in response to the vision Future in Mind promoting, protecting and improving our children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing. That policy has been a bit of a dud so far – many areas say they have seen none of the money earmarked. I’m sure the fact that it wasn’t ringfenced had absolutely nothing to do with that…

The (Future in Mind) funding equated to £250 million a year, however the commission found that only £143m was released in the first year, and of that, only £75m was distributed to clinical commissioning groups (the local health groups that fund GPs and NHS local health services). Of this £143 million, it’s not yet clear how much of this has been spent on frontline services, but reports from mental health providers indicate that they have not yet seen increased investment. From SNJ post, “Future in Mind? Progress on child mental health plan a national disgrace” Nov 2016

So it seems they’re having another go and it is VITAL you put your views – tell the government the truth about your family’s experience or, if you’re an education or CAMHS professional, your experience in your workplace.


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