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Special Needs Jungle: Coronavirus and SEND law: Your Questions Answered (part two – Timescales)

Coronavirus Bill

As expected, lots of the questions submitted focused on EHC Needs Assessment requests that had either just been submitted or agreed, and whether the local authority could now disregard the timescales in light of the proposed new legislation in the Coronavirus Bill

It must be born in mind that the Coronavirus Bill remains in draft format at the moment and things are changing quite rapidly as legislation and guidance are refined and as the wider picture in terms of public health becomes better understood. The information in this blog is correct as of 25th March 2020.

The latest information on the Bill is that it completed all its stages through the House of Commons in one day after the Prime Minister confirmed that the bill, once enacted, would be reviewed every six months (although could be in place for two years). The current status of the Bill can be found here.

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