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Workbooks for Children and Young People to Manage Conflict and Cope with Stress and Anxiety

National Youth Agency (NYA) and Vanessa Rogers Youth Work have produced 2 workbooks entitled “Staying Well at Home”. They are aimed at children and young people (CYP) aged 11-19 and focus on life during the lockdown, but will always be a relelvant resource. One regards managing conflict and coping with anger and frustration, and the other deals with coping with anxiety and stress. They are both interactive, offer practical tips, and give you the opportunity to tailor the advice and strategies to your circumstances. Please find the 2 workbooks below.

NYA’s Managing Conflict and Coping with Feelings of Frustration and Anger at Home Workbook

NYA’s Coping with Stress and Anxiety at Home Workbook

Vanessa Rogers of Vanessa Rogers Youth Work also produced a webinar entitled “Lockdown Frustration”. This regards anger management, aggression, triggers, emotional literacy and the impact of lockdown on CYP, and goes alongside the Managing Conflict workbook.

Find Vanessa’s pre-recorded webinar on NYA’s YouTube channel here


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