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We are a support group and independent voice for parents and carers who have a child or children with special educational needs and/or a disability (SEND) in Nottingham and surrounding areas. We are linked to the National Network Carers Forum (NNPCF) and other parent led support groups throughout the region. The Forum is run by parents for parents. We promote the well-being of parents, carers and their children by keeping them informed with regular support meetings, via our website and regular bulletin. We develop peer networks through our training, workshops and activities.

WHAT IS OUR Mission?

‘Support and Empower Families to be Heard and Achieve Better Outcomes’. We have members from both Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire.


We aim to work together as strategic partners with our local authority as equal members, participating and influencing local decision making on services for our disabled children, young people and their families. Our team of parent/carer representatives help us to have a say in shaping services and getting on top of the Participation Ladder both locally and nationally.



We promote and support the well-being of parents, carers and families of children with disabilities, by hosting two monthly support group sessions. In these meetings, parents come together to share their stories and give advice to other carers about how to support those they care for.

Some of these sessions involve consultations with members of the local authorities; discussions about decisions on services for disabled children, discuss new potential policies that could be implicated, and how they may impact carers, children, and the family at large. Through these discussions, parents are given the opportunity to influence policy decisions, helping to ensure that new strategies that aim to support children with disabilities and their families are truly helpful and fair

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We have a number of volunteering opportunities available, including at our Saturday play sessions, administration and social media. If you would like to volunteer with us, then email us at, or if you would like to make a donation please click the button on the right.

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